Long-Term Volunteering Opportunities

Studio Cosplay is looking for some amazing volunteers to help with running the makerspace!

If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions below, please email us at ContactUs@StudioCosplay.org Subject Line: THE TITLE OF THE POSITION.

Technical Lead -- POSITION FILLED

Social Media Manager -- POSITION FILLED

Sponsorship Sales Representative
Hiring (Please see vacancy announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/studiocosplay/photos/a.828558897194338.10737418...)
The Sponsorship Sales Representative is responsible for sponsorships and government grants for Studio Cosplay. Develops sponsorship package, secures sponsors to meet revenue goals set at the time of hire; prepare exciting and creative sponsorship proposals to attract sponsors at all levels (local and national); build long term relationships with brand managers; attend on-site events when necessary; get competitive prices from various existing suppliers and convert a portion of their marketing budget in sponsorship; collaborate to secure government grants. This role can be performed remotely but would ideally be fulfilled locally to the Washington, DC metro area.

BBBS Program Cosplay Consultants
The responsibility of the BBBS Program Cosplay Consultants is to mentor the members of the BBBS program with their projects. Consultant will help design and implement the costume the ‘Little’ chooses to make. Needs experience crafting costumes. For those needing volunteer hours for class, this would be a great way to get credit. This person would need to be local to the D/M/V area in order to consult at the cosmakerspace in person.

Sewing Machine Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Knows how to fix sewing machines. Comes over when they are broken to fix them. Assists people if they’re onsite and have questions. This person would need to be a member to the cosmakerspace to provide regular support onsite.

Fundraising Chair
Works on coming up with fundraisers, such as a fun run, an online pledge drive, an excess donation sale, or a cupcake social or whatever. If it is a physical event this person collaborates with the Event Coordinator. The Fundraising Chair calculates revenue targets, and works with the Social Media Manager and Tech Lead to promote the fundraiser. Can have a committee. This person can be remote or local (as long as the Event Coordinator attends local fundraising events).

Gratitude Correspondent -- POSITION FILLED

Convention Coordinator Keeps track of convention deadlines and applications for booths and panels. Polls for and coordinates booth volunteers. Makes sure the cosplay repair kit is restocked. This person would be local to the D/M/V area for onsite coordination at the conventions.

Event Coordinator 
Creates, schedules, and facilitates events at any location (not just at the cosmakerspace). Determines appropriate audience, creates/sends invitations, develops and works within the budget, procures materials, creates itinerary/activities, works with sponsors when applicable, works with Social Media Manager and Tech Lead to promote the event, and works with partners to assist with the event (volunteers, photographers, etc.). This person would be local to the D/M/V area for onsite coordination at the events.

Membership Administrator -- POSITION FILLED

Class Administrator--This person would be responsible for working on recruiting teachers for Studio Cosplay. The role entails that you hire the teacher, negotiate the price of the class with them, schedule the course, get the class submitted to the website and Meetup, inform the social media manager to publish the information, and work on making sure that the teachers know who is going to be in the class. This role can be fulfilled remotely from any geography.